Decentralized Application Marketplace.

Spheris is an open-source decentralized application marketplace, with a standalone solution for payment processing. Planned with a vision to eliminate 3rdparty fees, Spheris platform aims to become the go-to place for developers who wish to be in control of their revenue, and consumers who wish to pay directly to the developers. With Ethereum’s blockchain technology, new possibilities open up to disrupt the status quo and shift the paradigm toward giving more to developers and consumers, without the involvement of large corporate entities. In addition to providing a new distribution vector for developers, Spheris introduces customizable subscription optionsand validation for apps, a feature-extended crypto wallet solution, as well as optional decentralized storage solutions with other blockchain projects.

A paper titled Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash Systemwas published by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, detailing methods of using peer-to-peer network to generate a system for electronic transactions without going through legacy financial institution channels. This was the start of a project that has had a profound impact on the way we see the internet as a vehicle for economic change. Bitcoin was the birth of a new economic revolution. The advent of Bitcoin enabled other projects to come into existence, and a stream of technological innovations ensued. Blockchain technologies, following Bitcoin’s footsteps, have opened up possibilities to potentially shift the current paradigm regarding how we think about systems and frameworks that are inherently centralized.

Spheris is grounded in the idea of decentralized application acquisition. We see a future where software developers have a direct gateway to reach new markets of consumers, with the ability to provide diverse ways of value exchange, securely and anonymously. Essentially, we aim to be the missing link between developers and consumers who are interested in purchasing or leasing software. Embracing decentralization will break the convention of having the need for third-party entities who collect fees on transactions. Removal of corporate entities, such as credit card companies and banks, becomes possible coincidentally with maintaining core interests of both developers and consumers.

The Decentralized Application Marketplace, or DAM for short, is the combination of five separate, function-specific components that work together to form the whole of Spheris platform. The components are: 1.Catalog: a database of registered developers and applications. 2.Browser: the DAM interface. 3.Manager: an enhanced crypto wallet for managing subscriptions and payments. 4.Signal: an anti-piracy subscription validator component. 5.Storage: astorage integration framework for fast and easy remote content distribution.

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