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We strongly believe that the entrepreneurial spirit is one of the most powerful driving forces in business which brings a positive contribution to both economies and societies. Many people wish to start their own company and become an entrepreneur but consider it out of their reach. Although they have keen and bright ideas, they may lack the resources and funds required to successfully transform those ideas into actual projects. That’s why crowdfunding became so popular. It enabled entrepreneurs to raise funds and make it possible for them to start and develop their projects. However, it quickly became clear this method of raising funds had its downsides. The lack of trust is the most important one. The addition of unforeseen, additional costs and high commissions/fees, next to geographical limitations, made it even more worrisome for backers and creators to smoothly start a business. And that’s where ICOs come in. An ICO proved to be a remarkable alternative and transparent tool in supporting projects with the use of blockchain technology.Right now, the number of ICOs is increasing explosively on a global scale. A never-to-be-stopped movement has started. A movement of idiosyncratic and leading types who are tired of the old financial systems. With blockchain technology you have been given the opportunity to carry out financial transactions yourself, with more reliability than a bank can ever give you. That is why many tens of millions of people worldwide are already attracted to ICOs and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology is used mainly in the financial and tech world, but this is just a glitch of the true potential. In the near future, industries like healthcare, judicial or transportation will experience a lot of changes. Blockchain makes processes efficient, cheaper, more transparent and trustworthy. The potential value of the entire economy will be at the fingertips of the crowd.Due to the fact that ICOs are a logical solution for many companies using blockchain technology, the continuous growth of ICOs is a result of this phenomenon. Blockchain technology and specifically cryptocurrencies and ICOs are the biggest innovations of the 21st century and will have a major positive impact on society and industries as whole.

There are seeds for massive transformations of the real world, a phenomenon that should be embraced by financial incumbents. Tokens allowing economic participation at the protocol layer of the next-generation internet due to emergence of decentralization, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies. When we started ICO HeadStart™, our vision was and is to help ICOs make a successful start. So, we built a platform that lets backers and project creators both benefit the most from the crypto-revolution. Not just with the help of industry insiders, but rather with the help of any user - ‘The Wisdom of the Crowd’.We advise projects in best ICO practice. Our team of professionals will guide the projects in the right direction and will provide advice on everything that is needed from smart contracts to legal, marketing and technical support, in order to ensure they get a true head start. We want the right projects to participate and commit ourselves to lead with presenting ICOs that conform to community regulated and evolving best practices via the blockchain community. It will offer a possibility to keep up with the speed of the relevant markets and stakeholders in a way that cannot be matched by traditional institutions who via their regulations and oversight share a large part of the intent of ICO HeadStart™.

While crowdfunding has enabled entrepreneurs to raise funds and make it possible for them to start and develop their projects, it still has downsides. Trust is the biggest issue when it comes to crowdfunding. Entrepreneurs who started a campaign, in many cases did not keep their promises, leaving the enthusiastic participants with nothing. Also, when establishing a new brand without prior track record, how do you create enough brand credibility? Without trust you may not be able to generate enough interest in your campaign and therefore fail to meet your desired goals. Pitching a new product from an unknown company to the media is always challenging. While all crowdfunding platforms serve the same purpose, raising means online from multiple donors and sources may be a difficult task. Not all the platforms are created equal. Platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo are great for raising smaller amounts of money, but equity crowdfunding portals are best for entrepreneurs looking for sums in the millions. In addition to this, it has been proven that up to 90% of crowdfunding campaigns have failed and have never delivered their products, resulting in legitimate concerns and distrust from backers. Traditional crowdfunding platforms do not accept projects from countries where they have no legal presence. They charge high commissions (10-20%) and there are additional costs attached to payment systems people must use.The entire concept of crowdfunding is being dominated by financially powerful companies which run gigantic well-funded campaigns. This is the exact opposite of the reason crowdfunding initially became popular. When establishing a crowdfunding campaign, a company or project needs to bear in mind that this is related with several hidden costs, such as: success fees for the platform, payment processing fees, fees for mediators, taxes on funds raised, etc, that could eventually become the downfall of a campaign.

Initial Coin Offerings provide unprecedented opportunities in the world of crypto finance. An ICO is a widely used term for supporting projects with the use of blockchain technology. It is an emission of a new cryptocurrency or specific crypto tokens for project financing or a new enterprise for the development of often decentralized applications. This phenomenon is growing at an extremely rapid pace and blows crowdfunding and venture capital out of the water. It has resulted in a huge market capitalization in less than three years with the year 2017 being the greatest contributor. In comparison, in the year 2015, notable fundraisings of ICOs were approximately a total of USD 14 million. In the year 2017 it has already reached a total of over USD 4.5 billion. This is more than 13% of the global crowdfunding volume. The expectation is that this growth will continue to set forth in 2018 at a much higher pace and that in 2019/2020 the global ICO fundraising volume will surpass that of crowdfunding. These demands are likely to be driven by infinite possibilities of blockchain such as decentralization, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies and unparalleled returns as 45% of ICOs were showing returns of over 500%.

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain ledger are changing the way companies and people transact globally. While a public security sale would require relevant paperwork in order to be official and legitimate, until now there is no such procedure necessary for ICOs. The continued lack of regulatory oversight remains challenging and since ICOs are a such a new concept, the market is way ahead of policies and regulations and this is expected to continue as developments do not stop and the cross border nature makes it challenging to enforce regulation even when it is developed.At the moment, fraud occurs regularly and the lack of disclosure and reliable information continues to be an issue and offerings being posted on unsupervised online forums that are proving to be unreliable. In addition, cybersecurity has become a concern for ICOs as well, notably the loss of tokens. The past three years have shown that there is a considerable amount of baseless promises, namely that the projects will be completed and that the creators will deliver. A big number of projects which have not been completed is a great loss of opportunity as it crowds out resources for the many legitimate ICOs.

Our platform works in a decentralized manner with the amazing advantages of block-chain technology and provides the highest security standards in the ecosystem for our community of backers and creators. You’ve read all about the ‘why’ of our platform in previous chapters. In the following chapters, here’s what you will learn about ICO HeadStart™:Also, you will learn about the following advantages:1) 0% Fees2) Team of Experts 3) The Wisdom of the Crowd4) ICO HeadStart™ Seal of Approval5) Timed-Release Contracts6) Smart Contracts7) 100% Trading Virtual Profit Sharing8) The MOAT Exchange Back ProgramIt is the first platform where backers and creators pay 0% fees without any addi-tional costs. It offers the community the best available ICO proposals, which have been screened and certified with the ICO HeadStart™ Seal of Approval before they get listed.The community is the vital part of the platform. Once the screening process is finalized, the decision is up to the community. The community has decisive power to determine whether an ICO will be supported. ICO HeadStart™ just creates the structure and democratizes access. The combination could potentially beat the lim-ited resources of any individual typical market participant such as a hedge fund. The ICO HeadStart™ ICOnomy is powered by its own token, the MOAT.

Our amazing Bounty Program allows our members to truly take advantage of our PRE-ICO and ICO phase. Each member who registers for free on our platform and creates a ICO HeadStart™ account, is provided with a unique bounty link. This link can be shared by the member with family, friends or blockchain enthusiasts. You can receive a 15% bounty bonus during our PRE-ICO & ICO from all the contributions made through your unique link! Just think about the amazing rewards this program offers. When you share your link to your friends and they contribute by purchasing 1.000 MOAT tokens, you will receive 150 MOAT tokens as a bounty bonus! Via your personal Web Office, you can easily keep track of who has used your unique link to purchase MOAT. During the ICO phase, you will immediately receive the extra tokens when a personally referred member purchases our MOAT tokens by using your link. Spread the word and enjoy the profits!

The blockchain community will continue to cause an economic revolution. True potential value of companies and projects will be available for the community, for the crowd, for everybody. The large financial institutions will no longer be the only ones to profit from the growth of young companies with smart ideas. The potential value of the entire economy will be at the fingertips of the crowd. Blockchain technology with Timed-Release Contracts and Smart Contracts in combination with the ICO HeadStart™ Seal of Approval and thorough screening of business plans and companies by the most experienced team imaginable, guarantees a fair process.Although only the best ICOs are allowed on ICO HeadStart™, it may happen that one project might fail. However, the loss will be absorbed by all the other hundreds, thousands of projects. At the same time, Exchange Back Contracts, Buy Back Contracts and the ICO HeadStart™ trading team with professional traders will ensure a balanced and controlled development of the MOAT. Every community member has an interest in long term increase in value and utility of the MOAT. The screening process and the conditions for companies and projects improve the likelihood of substantial gains.

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