Crystal Token

Crystal Token is a cryptocurrency token innovating the field of smart investments with the novel concept of Virtual Staking and different investment plans to satisfy the needs of all investors who desire a solid and constant passive income source.

Crystal Token embraces the rise of crypto currencies and of services aiming to provide customers with a stable passive income. The birth of Bitconnect in 2016 has been seminal in this field, offering a lending platform providing this type of investment. Following the success of BitConnect, a consistent number of crypto currencies offering lending services have been released in the last part of the 2017. However, very few of them survived, and, starting from BitConnect itself, have been abruptly shut down causing consistent losses for many investors.

We would like to offer a Trading as a Servicefeature to our investors, giving them the opportunity to perform automatic multi-currency trading on different exchanges, exploiting our trading bot and Crystal Tokens. Users would be able to activate the service by setting up their exchange API keys (e.g. Bittrex, Poloniex, etc.) and they would be able to monitor trading transactions in real time. Users who reinvest their profits in our program will be exempt fromany fees related to the Trading as a Service feature

The full-benefits Virtual Staking program is tailored for those customers who desire a solid and constant passive income source, capable to attackthe huge volatility of cryptocurrency market. We offer competitive planswiththreedifferentranges of investments. Eachplanprovides increasing benefits, as specified in the following. The actual percentage of interest can reachup to2% dailyand depends onthe market volatility and the trading operations performed, and it will be made public on a daily basis.Our Virtual Staking Program is unique and is based ontwo different tokens: • CYL token, our main ERC20 token which will be sold during the ICO, exchangeable for ETHand usable to open a Virtual Staking contract; • VCYLtoken, our virtual token that will be used to pay daily interestsand referral bonuses. They can be converted to CYL tokens at the current market price. The value of a VCYL token will be strongly tied to ETH and will be always worth 0.001 ETH.For example, if the value of an ETH is 1,000$, the value of a VCYL will be1$, while the market will decide the value of a CYL (that is, the CYL/ETHratio). Customers will be able to open a Virtual Staking contract by spending their CYL tokens, that will be converted In VCYL tokens by the system, or directly from VCYL tokens earned as daily interests or referral bonuses.

The proposed Virtual Staking plans significantly differ from the classical staking plans and overcome all the limitations of past lending and staking platforms: people will never have to choose between holding their tokens and opening a contract in the platform, since our plans also provides CYL tokens as a reward at the end of the contract. For example, customers who invest more than 2,500VCYLwill receive 3%of their initial invested tokensin CYL;customers who invest more than 10,000VCYLwill receive 7%of their initial investedtokensin CYL. For example, if a user opens a contract of 1,000 CYL worth 5 VCYL each, the contract value will be 5,000 VCYL, according to which daily interests will be paid. At theend of the contracthe will receive the capital back (5,000 VCYL)plus 30 CYLtokens at their current value, which could also worth 10 times the initial invested capital. This reward represents the ultimate solution to the contrasting strategies adopted by professional cryptocurrency traders, who always mustdecide whether hold their tokens or opening a contractin a platform.

Moreover, we also offer the user the possibility to boost such a bonus by enabling the Token Bonus option which rewards an additional 3% of the CYL tokens invested in a contract, when it is prolonged for 30 days.Note that during such 30 days, no daily interests are paid out to the user. A third advantage of our full-benefits Virtual Staking program comes from our unique pure reinvest function. Indeed, many people would prefer to increase their final profit, instead of withdrawing the daily interests. Manually opening a new contract each day leads to frustration and to the creation of a new contract with a new capital release date. With Crystal Token, when opening a new contract, you will be able to enable our pure reinvest function, which will automatically reinvest your daily interest in the same contract(no additional time for the capital release). Note that in any case the maximum amount of earned daily interest will be the 2% of the initial capital.

Our first priority is to be a reliable, trustworthy and customer-driven platform. We will do our best to support every customer in any issue that he could experience, and to gather and make fruitful use of his feedback to improve the system. We will provide an internal ticket system and two Telegram channels: one for announcements and one for the community discussion. We will also publish regular announcements on Facebook and Twitter.Moreover, in the attempt to offer a democratic environment, we will provide a voting mechanism which will be activated when any crucial decision related to a change in the use of the platform is required. The final decision will depend from the majority of the votes obtained.

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