The first decentralized affiliate & content marketing protocol.

Our evolution has revolved around the foundation of established trade. History is comprised of empires, governing societies & trading entities built on the foundation of barter & exchange services within marketplaces. Times have drastically changed since these initial market models & prior methods practiced are deprecated in relation to the level of globalization at play today.

Online marketplaces heavily lean on supporting particular segments within an ecosystem (whether it be second-hand products, hand-crafted goods, drop-shipped items, etc.). They do not provide mutually beneficial ways to incentivize every party involved within the transaction cycle. They’re built to support infrastructures from legacy operation methods that were intended to succeed with businesses initially migrating online. The global phenomena that is social media has evolved the way we interact & do business with one-another. Content discovery & social interactions are not accounted for properly & a new set of standards need to be incorporated properly into marketplaces.

Flatlay is the visual storytelling platform for product related content. It’s a blockchain based social marketplace network & publishing platform comprised of content creators, brands, publishers & consumers inside a discovery driven ecosystem of products advocated & shared between people. The platform revolves around the implementation of Creditcoin (CCOIN), a cryptocurrency token designed atop of Ethereum to incentivize community members & curators collaborating to building wealth within the community.

Flatlay enables users to interact socially within & outside its ecosystem by functioning as a publishing platform for user generated content. It enables users to participate in incentivized affiliate & content marketing programs, supporting product launches & opt-in live-streams. Flatlay incorporates generally known concepts from traditional social media (posts, likes, comments, shares), leveraging them within a commerce-driven marketplace. The infrastructure allows users to build collections from millions of products incorporated into a turn-key affiliate network rewarding global users for purchases made & influenced. Brands are provided with a workflow management system allowing them to integrate products instantly into the network while incentivizing community members for sales driven. Brands & publishers have the ability to further incentivize content creators by hiring them to participate in sponsored collaborations. Creators are hired to make original content for distribution on social networks & premium websites. The Flatlay system is built upon the blockchain, positioning it as the backbone of user incentivization when leveraging creative & social capital. It eliminates frictions experienced with sponsorship payouts while removing barriers of entry for content creators, brands & publishers

Flatlay is a marketplace where users, brands & retailers securely trade between one another. The platform incentivizes users to mutually benefit & engage in the cooperative support of Flatlay member “shops”. Anyone can use the secure platform to promote & purchase products from one another while partnering with validated merchants & suppliers in the network. The Flatlay Credits System guarantees any users contributing to the creation of social value in the platform is rewarded in Creditcoin (CCOIN). CCOIN is an ERC20 token utilized in the community to reward sales & compensate campaign promotions across the web, facilitating the organic growth of the Flatlay community. Flatlay creates a gateway between Creditcoin & the real world by offering an instant access debit card to be used almost anywhere to further the expansions penetration.

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