We are part of the global payment revolution.

With the mission to build a multi-currency ecosystem, ClickGem Project has been developing a core payment system with a lot of utility applications suitable for cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. By supporting both cryptocurrency and fiat currency in an ecosystem which includes a currency cro ss-exch ange system and all applications that helping to solve many needs in the real life, the ClickGem Project will: • Create more utility and more liquidity for cryptocurrencies, • Help people to use cryptocurrencies like fiat currencies and likewise, • Create habits and orient people to use more cryptocurrencies in their daily life. People with no knowledge about cryptocurrencies are still not ready to use them, will start using ClickGem utilities with fiat currencies, and gradually switch to cryptocurrencies. In addition, this is also an optimum solution to blur the border between cryptocurrency and fiat currency, using the popularity and the liquidity of the whole system to build a new global payment system and contribute to the revolution of the current global payment system. The ClickGem core payment system is a new groundbreaking and frictionless payment system which can support the pay-and-receive payment process through multiple currencies, including cryptocurrencies, support exchanging currency instantly with the lowest exchange rate from the market and just 0.2% transaction fee. Our aim is creating a new cross-border payment solution that can solve all the current payment methods issues, and will surpass all other payment systems (PayPal, Visa, etc...). Furthermore purchases will be easier, simpler, instant with minimal cost. The ClickGem Project is designed as an open platform to facilitate the process of purchases by integrating and supporting transactions between most major fiat currencies and all cryptocurrencies through APIs. More fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies will be continually added along the way.

ClickGem cryptocurrency (CGM) is promoted to become a currency in the ClickGem multi-currency ecosystem like other crypto/fiat curre ncies supported. We will attract people to use increasingly CGM by offe ring more benefits such as fee reductions and special discounts for all services in ClickGem multi-curre ncy ecosystem, or additional rewards. Like other cryptocurrencies supported in the ClickGem ecosystem, CGM is a new digital money created on blockchain technology. Blockchain is a major breakthrough in decentralizing financial transactions and is revolutionizing the global payment system.The CGM system is a peer-to-peer network. There is no server and this network type does not rank the priority of connected computers. Every computer (which is called a "peer") has equal rights to work on the network and operates as both a server & a client. The transfer of CGM is convenient and easy. The money transfer can occur anywhere in the world, in a few minutes, and the only requirement to send or receive CGM is an internet connection. Moreover, CGM’s transfer fee is much lower than the banks transfer fees and many other money-transfer services like PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram, etc...No bank teller or middleman are required for processing CGM transactions. These transactions are processed automatically based on confirmations from "peer" computers in the network. The transactions of CGM are safe and anonymous. Wallet addresses (same as a bank account number) and all transactions are created, checked, and stored inside the blockchain. Blockchain database is encrypted with the most advanced technology, backed-up and synced automatically into every "peer" computer in the network. New wallet addresses are created every few hours and old wallet addresses are hidden automatically; the wallet holder and person sending CGM to the wallet address will only know transaction details

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