Weed (420)

Simplified crypto payments and investments, starting with the marijuana community.

Marijuana businesses are often not able to get banking services, making them unbanked. They are usually forced to deal in cash, which puts them at risk of robbery and other crimes. The cannabis industry is cut off from savings and investment accounts.

Weed (420) Token is the solution to these problems, achieving extremely fast payments as well as fully automated staking returns. To maximize decentralization, 90% of the initial liquidity is locked in the WBNB/420 PancakeSwap pool for 420 years. Locked LP tokens can still migrate to the V3 protocol and beyond. 4.20% of every transaction goes to increasing liquidity, and another 4.20% is distributed to token holders as rewards.

The first step is building a community to attract merchants to our platforms and then building the tools they need for the modern world. Not only will Weed (420) let them accept payments with automatic stablecoin conversion, as well as automatically invest a set percentage in 420 tokens, but it will also allow them to offer memberships as NFTs and sell other tokenized goods. CBD is gaining popularity as a treatment for many diseases and can now be found in products ranging from oils to bath bombs. Even in places where it isn’t legal for recreational use, there are often products derived from it which are allowed.

Weed (420) a solid foundation with automatic rewards for holders and automatic liquidity growth. 45% of tokens sold in presale, 100% of the BNB locked for 420 years. +45% of tokens locked in liquidity for 420 years. = 90% of initial liquidity locked for 420 years. The remaining 10% of team tokens are vested. For each transaction, 4.20% goes to the liquidity pool, and 4.20% is distributed to the other holders. Binance Smart Chain was chosen for speed and cheap fees over Ethereum.

Official Site: https://weedtoken.trade/

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