Svintani expands the role of blockchain technologiesby introducing funds that trade like cryptocurrencies.

Ever since the inception of Bitcoin a decade ago, the investment opportunities in crypto finance have grown beyond speculations. Today, millions of users store, exchange and trade crypto tokens across a range of platforms. In all honesty, this is the rise of a parallel economy in the digital space powerful enough to take the centre stage. However, the scope of using cryptocurrencies has reached a point wherein platforms don’t offer any more services other than token swapping and direct trading. This has put the accountability of crypto finance to doubt. Svintani expands the role of blockchain technologies by introducing funds that trade like cryptocurrencies. Through its signature BTF (Blockchain TradableFunds), the project enables investors both institutional and individual to trade their asset backedtokens over a distributed network. Like mutual funds or ETFs, BTFs stabilize the risks attached to individual cryptocurrenciesby providing near real time net asset value (NAV) of the underlying assets along with purchase and redemption of the tokens at approximately NAV.Since crypto finance is plagued with uncontrollable volatility, BTFs will build trust in crypto tradingthe by providing a secure and transparent financial ecosystem.

FirstBTF is an initiative to boost professionally managed pooled investments in cryptocurrencies. The project aims at building an end-to-end infrastructure for institutional as well individual investors to launch and invest in pooled funds over a distributed blockchain. Completely automated and secure, the platform also works as a Self-Regulating Organization (SRO) to qualify potential and legit BTF products. What is a Blockchain Tradable Fund (BTF)?A BTF is a cryptocurrency backed by real life assets. It works like a stable coin but holds a basket of assets. As the basket of assets fluctuate so does the value of the BTFA BTF can be perceived as a crypto alternative to traditional ETFs or Mutual Funds. Unlike ETFs, BTFs are more accessible as the coins (shares) are directly issued to the public. Instead of large institutions known as Authorized Purchasers, cryptocurrencies are the means of purchasing or redeeming BTF coins. However, some BTF issuers may elect to accept and issue cash. No authorization broker/dealer restrictions on purchasing. The investor transacts directly with the fund sponsor. Once the KYC/AML checks are passed, the investor can buy or redeem coins directly with the fund or any FirstBTF authorized exchange. ●A BTF reports the net asset value of the underlying assets every day, every 15 minutes or as Identified in the prospectus of that BTF. ●There are no restrictions on the type of assets held in BTF. Securities, real estate assets, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, commodities or any other assets are all candidates for a BTF. ●Each BTF provides its own prospectus detailing its investment styles, goals and asset restrictions. The BTF network provides a common infrastructure and fund management system for fund providers. This assures transparency to the investor of the fund managers activities and fund expenses. ●Not only do BTF support a variety of underlying asset classes, the funds themselves may be openend or close end funds.First BTF requires everyBTF to File An n1-A withSEC to ensure full disclosure of goals, expenses and other unique aspects of that particular fund. The Need of BTF Despite impressive growth over the past few years, the true potential of cryptocurrencies is still underutilized. Most trading products offer a basic peer-to-peer trading mechanism which has already been implemented in excess. Such a lack of innovation calls for more opportunities for millions of crypto holders.

Risk ReductionThrough diversification of investments, the risk is strategically distributed across coins thereby leaving a minimal impact in case of volatile movements. ConvenientBTFs moderate price volatility and don’t need core fintech knowledge to trade. A common investor can simply sign-up and buy or redeem coins. Assured LiquidityBTFs resolve a key bottleneck of crypto investment platforms –irregular liquidity. It allows the investors to redeem their holdings directly with the fund,exchange them on the open market, or use them like currency to purchase goods and services. Accessibility to AllBTF coins are directly distributed to the public thereby making BTFs universally accessible to all. The Purpose of FirstBTF Liquidity is the key differentiator in high performing investment platforms. In crypto finance, it is a critical challenge and has led to the downfall of many potential products. FirstBTF aims to resolve the gap and achieve an ecosystem wherein redeeming requests are addressed with sufficient liquidity while causing a minimal exit load on the pool. BTF WhitelistAny fund calling itself a BTF must use the common whitelist. BTF Authorized registrars worldwide may add or remove trading entities from the BTF whitelist.BlockchainAny fund calling itself a BTF must trade on the distributed BTF blockchain. The BTF contracts on the BTF blockchain enforce all the rules established by FirstBTF. NetworkA whitelisted entity may use a network of BTF ATMs to buy coins (deposit money) or sell coins (withdraw money).CustodianEvery BTF uses a BTF authorized custodian to hold their assets. The custodian blockchain records what assets are held for which BTF. Issuing/RedemptionThe issuing and redemption is done at approximately the net asset value of the underlying assets using cryptocurrencies as the exchange mechanism. UnderwriterAn underwriter develops an agreement that becomes part of the BTF blockchain assuring investors that a fund will reach its minimum required investment goals. PaymentsA payment system using BTFs has its basis of value in concrete assets ranging from common stocks to gold bullion to government treasury notes or anything you might find in a mutual fund or ETF Identity Networka strong identity network relying on the fundamental tenants of what-you-know, what-you-have and what-you-are in any BTF transactions.Value Proposition of the FirstBTFFirstBTF owns the trademark BTF. Any fund or cryptocurrency wanting to call itself a BTF must license the BTF trademark from First BTF and follow the rules we establish. ●Discount on transaction fee when exchanging Svintani tokens on the BTF exchange ●Discount on purchase and redemption fees when buying BTFs using Svintani tokens directly with the fund.

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