The next generation live streaming Sports OTT platform built on the block chain.

Imagine what combining the power of a “Netflix” platform with Blockchain technology would do to transform the most powerful content in the world – SPORTS. That’s SportsFix (SF) for you. SF presents a revolutionary digital sports content ecosystem based on Blockchain technology; debundling and decentralising sports media rights, enforcing trust and immutable transparency via SF Tokens (SFT) and smart contracts built on the Ethereum network.SF Media Holdings is already a fast-growing OTT business in Asia, streaming local and international sports events to millions of fans every week and on track to become one of Asia’s most valuable live video streaming platform in the region. With the ICO, SF will enhance user experience to the OTT platform. Fans will be able to participate and engage with their fellow fans, favourite leagues and clubs while using SFT as a mode of payment throughout the platform.

The process of distributing sports content is expensive, antiquated, and inconvenient. Sports is often bundled with other content and finally marked up in a large Pay TV subscription package making it unaffordable and inaccesible to many fans. Packages are often bundled with undesirable, network-biased content which increases the cost. Users are forced to accept these high prices due to the inflexibility of choosing the content and paying for what they want.Our vision is to redefine the sports content market by cutting out the middlemen (e.g. agents1and broadcasters2)and connecting rights holders directly to fans through the SportsFix ecosystem. This provides new revenue streams to rights holders3 and SportsFix alike and nurture the very premise of what sports fans are seeking (which is being as closely connected to their favourite sport/league/team as possible).

This concept is a unique integration of blockchain (smart contracts) and ‘OTT’ technology (delivery of film and TV content via the internet without requirising users to subscribe to traditional cable or satellite pay-TV service) to enable fans to unlock their favourite content and product features through bidding. The operational features of the utility token are highlighted in the diagram (Refer to page 9).SF will engage with the fans to create a unique user profile that helps to curate their favorite sports content based on their behaviour and preferences. SF’s reward system is designed to create a compulsive loop for engagement, elevate status among fans, and recognize loyal fans that help grow the digital stadiums.This encompasses a host of activities that harness value into the ecosystem such as user-generated content, voiceover talent, content voting, community building and social media sharing. Consequently, fans will be encouraged to engage and actively participate with their favourite content. SF intends to utilize sports content as a vehicle to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency amongst the masses by successfully integrating this decentralised consumer marketplace into fans’ everyday sports consumption.

Digital stadiums are tiered based on group attendance. Although digital stadiums can theoretically have a near unlimited capacity, stadium tiering is used to incentivize respective fan bases to watch the livestream together. As the community of fan bases grow, they collectively as a group move up the digital stadium tiers to unlock innovative stadium features to enhance their viewing experience. Growing your fan base allows you to unlock special features at each tier! An algorithmic formula is used for each game to determine the tiers. The formula calculates the projected content cost for the game, feature cost, and hosting cost. The stadiums are tiered out by those costs and divided by the number in attendance. The formula optimizes which digital stadium will be unlocked for a fanbase based on these metrics. At a bare minimum, a bronze stadium will be made available to digital season passholders (see further below) for every game since they are enrolled in a seasonal subscription and helped release the content. In order to ensure parity between sports club fan bases, the formula will also take into account key metrics of the club which include regional market size, social media followers to determine how large respective communities need to be before getting upgraded to the next tier. SF will be promoting market driven product development with our user base using this model. Our users are empowered to unlock the features they want to see and use. A continuous delivery approach will be implemented to create the best customized experience specifically curated for users.

SportsFix’s content acquisition strategy will be determined by content availability/ attainability and potential market fit, as well as user input and voting outcomes. Replacing intermediary agencies and large media corporations, SportsFix aims to transparently define sports media ownership, bidding systems and distribution rules to drive down the cost for the end user.Analysing SFT usage across SportsFix’ broad ecosystem, as well as on a micro region-by-region/ country basis, SportsFix will utilise this data to determine which content is the most popular and relevant through the outcome of users’ voting and bidding patterns, therefore influencing future content offerings. When used in conjunction with smart contracts, fans collectively can influence content buying transactions without the involvement of intermediaries. By ‘disintermediating’ the purchase of sports content, fans who buy tokens and vote with them are doing more than just ‘paying to view’. They are indirectly impacting what content is available on Sportsfix. We believe this user-focused bidding model will redefine the way content platforms are able to deeply understand users’ content preferences, thus allowing SportsFix to continuously and correctly purchase the most desired sports coverage for its users. Moreover, the consistent development of the SportsFix platform to increase user engagement via additional features will sustain and continuously grow the platform’s ecosystem over time.

Game Day Passes are used to accelerate growth by leveraging fans social media accounts and creating a viral loop using the Digital Stadium Marketing Engine (DSME). The DSME, a tool set developed by SF, acts for each DS as a content management system harnessing the social media accounts of fans who attend games to unlock new tiers of the DS for better features. The DSME powers the game day passes, club growth model, and sponsorship model.In this model, fans can earn SFT initially from clubs and later from sponsors to redeem game day passes in return for doing specialized posts via the Game Day Pass marketing engine. Seed tokens given to clubs will support reaching quickly critical mass to attract sponsors and advertisers. The mechanics of how game day passes are distributed creates a sustainable growth loop of bringing new fans into the Digital Stadium via their social network feeds. SportsFix will be able to convert a fanbase into a legion of evangelizing early adopters by creating a self marketing network effect.

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