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Blockchain market has been a continuous growing market in the past few years. According to a research provided by Transparency Market Research, the market capitalization of proximity mobile payments was about $58 billion in 2017 globally and it is estimated to reach $411 billion by 2022. The average annual growth rate was up to 48% among the last 5 years. North America is the major contributor of the global proximity mobile payments market. It was estimated about $13 billion in 2017 and have set a target of $98 billion by 2022; the average annual growth rate is up to 49.8% among the past 5 years.

Europe also aims to become an important development area for proximity mobile payments technolo- gy. It is estimated by 2022, that the market value will exceed $73 billion. Since 2017 to 2022, the aver- age annual compound growth rate was 46.9%.

SPV ( is a universal mobile payments platform. Sellers can issue digital currencies while also receiving cryptocurrency and credit card. This system relies heavily on blockchain technology, ensuring that data will not be lost. We are currently setting up a community for members to discuss and build up our “ecosystem” together. Sincerely, we welcome you to join and co-create the world’s most popular mobile payments platform with us.

80% of the profit will return to our SPC token holders, with a 6% annual interest rate returning to PreICO member's token account.

Starting from United States, we aim at spreading the application of mobile payments platform to more and more users over the world in a rapid growth. This project will eventually promote the global economic development, while increasing new business opportunities and thus new business models worldwide. Its financial influence covers many traditional market sectors such as: medical, financial, tourism, public utilities, etc. Moreover, it shall improve the quality and promote the competitiveness between those among the services industry.

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