An idea-turned-reality that envisioned a unique model to generate funds for charities without asking for monetary donation.

In the previous decades, relatively every nation on the planet has seen an exponential development in the impact and exercises of non-profit driven associations. Philanthropies have turned out to be integral to arrangement making, the advancement of urban activity, and the conveyance of new semi open administrations. Notwithstanding being increasingly various, present day not-for-profit associations are uniquely more common and objective in their affiliations, more universalist in their administration conveyance and policymaking yearnings, and more professionalized and marketed in their tasks than prior emphases established in religious philanthropy, political developments, or grassroots group and intentional activity. The number of charities framed after 1990 has expanded considerably. There were just 1440000 social orders enlisted till the year 1970, trailed by 1790000 enrollments in the period 1971 to 1980, 5520000 enrollments in the period 1981 to 1990, 11200000 enlistments in the period 1991 to 2000, and upwards of 11350000 social orders enrolled after 2000.

The model boasts the following features:-Every game will be suchthat it is easy to understandand play by people of all demographics. - New games will be added every two months for enhanced gaming entertainment - Game updates to follow every month - The game will be free to download and will be available on IOS and Android platforms. - There will be no In-App purchases or In-App advertisements. In other words, the Company shall make no revenue of any kind from the Game. - The smart contract is written such that new charities and NGO’s can be added as and when they apply and after their thorough selection process culminates. AOGCoin WhitepaperPage10-The player will be given the option at the end of each game play to select which charity/NGO/cause they would like to donate to. The generated donation from that game play will be sent over to their selected organization. -Smart Contract will make calculations of game plays, generated donation andbeneficiary organizations in real time. However, the transfer of AOGtokens from company’s wallet into the charity organization’s respective wallet shall occur when a total of 250 AOG coins have been accumulated for donation. We believe in getting the best bang for the buck and transferring tokens after each game play equates to a tremendous amount of wasted ether on transaction costs when that money could very well be utilized on saving lives. - For the sake of transparency, the transaction hash will be updatedon the company website as well as a link of the same will be provided on the gaming application. Players can see that their game play is actually generating funds by verifying the transaction hash on widgets will be placed on the beneficiary charity organizations website for even more transparency, wherever possible. Similar widgets will be placed on the company website

“How does my game play help people in need?”$1.90 a day is where the World Bank sets the standard of extreme poverty. As of 2015, 9.6% of the world's population falls in this category. Let's see how far your game play would go for these people:(at the time of this writing when 1 AOG = 10 cents)Take the bird through 20 pipes 10 times and you will have provided 1 child with micro-nutrient fortification for one year Take the bird through 20 pipes 100 times and you will have donated enough to prevent 2 kids from Malaria for 3 yearsTake the bird through 20 pipes 1000 times and you will have donated enough to provide 23 community members with safe drinking water for one year Take the bird through 20 pipes 2300 times and you will have sent 1 kid through school for an entire year where meals are served too!

The AOG token isanERC20 compatible token on the Ethereum blockchain, distributed by The Distributor during the stages of token sale. The AOG token will be essential for its system to function and will be independent of any cryptocurrencies. It will be a unit of value within our system only. There will be a total of 2.7 Billion tokens altogether. The tokens in the Public Token Sale will facilitate the entire ecosystem, giving an instantaneous business model to various projects.

The AOGtoken will be an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. The AOGtoken will be the native cryptocurrency of the AOGsystem. Funds collected through the token sale will be used to develop the AOGsystem. The value of AOGtokens isfully dependent upon the developments of AOGand market demand. The AOGtoken does notrepresent or confer any ownership right or stake, share or security or equivalent rights, voting right or any right to receive future revenue shares, intellectual property rights or any other form of participation in or relating to the AOGsystem,, other than rights relating to the use of the platform.

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