Efir (QZ)

P2P “AdWords” for native advertising with bloggers (formerly qaazqaaz.com)

The global native advertising market is now actively growing. European advertisers’ spendings on cam-paigns with influencers will reach USD 13,2 billion by 2020. In 2015 these spendings were USD 5,2 billion.

We are implementing systemically significant projects in order to break the market barriers and increase the token value. What barriers should be eliminated to multiply the market? There are five of them.

There are no free and open bloggers search engines and marketplaces. We are solving this problem by making intellectual search engine and free market-place for native advertising market players and exter-nal startups. We use QZ token in smart-contract deal between bloggers, advertisers and external startups.

Bloggers are not professional advertisement makers. To increase bloggers advertising quality and to fix the lack of bloggers in some thematic niches we’ve started a service called decentralized production. We use QZ token for bloggers’ crowdfunding.

Lack of advertising agencies. We launched profes-sional agency tools half a year ago to help agencies enter the market. Now we are developing tools to completely automate agency business process. It’s a paid service. QZ token is used as payment for it.

Inability to measure PR quality. Does anybody know how to measure PR? We do and we do it with our pro-ject Intellectual measurement of bloggers’ PR quality. It’s a paid service. QZ token is used as payment for using this service.

Native advertising market is opaque. We increase the market transparency with our analytical service. It’s a paid service. QZ token is used as payment for the service.

Moreover, we own a lot of unique data and allow exter-nal startups to use it by API. To sell services on efir.io platform external startups should use our token.

We have implemented much more than we had prom-ised. We haven’t promised to localize in 17 languages, we haven’t promised to offer an intellectual search among 178K bloggers, we have never mentioned anything about PR quality assessment. We have some impressive projects unannounced and we will exceed your expectations

We invite you to participate in our token exchange to change the market together. Register on exchange.efir.io to join us. We use ERC20 smart-contract for token deployment. All emissioned tokens will be distributed between all the participants. Stock exchange listing is anticipated after the main token exchange.

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