An token representing investment into RJ Productions, a Russian manufacturer of a wide variety of goods.

RJ Productions is a Russian company that produces building materials, and automobile components, with future plans for autochemicals, household chemicals, agrochemicals, chain stores and drug stores as well as car washes. To fund this massive expansion of the company, RJ Productions is launching the Nahar token, which will allow paying for goods sold by the company. Wholesalers will get a 3-15% discount for the token as an incentive to buy it. Customers will receive cashback in the form of Nahar tokens.

A large number of expats from the Caucasian republics send remittances back to their home country, but under the current fiat banking system of Euros to Russian Rubles, there are issues, such as high fees, transactions taking several days, and capital limits. The Nahar token changes this by allowing someone in Europe to buy Nahar directly, and send across national borders for a very small fee, instantly - then convert it back to Fiat in their home country. Investors can receive dividends on each transaction. In the later phases of Nahar, there will be a Fiat-to-Crypto and Crypto-To-Fiat exchange,

Nahar tokens allow voting in referendums to guide the overall direction of the network. Voting power is based on the amount of tokens held, and does not cost anything.

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