A New Decentralized Financial System utilizing Multi-block Chains. (EveryCoin & TabiPay)

Our goal is very simple.the first, by creating an unrestricted financial system, we make everyone in the world can be received the benefits of financial services for free.The second, everyone in the world get out of the existing financial framework and will be able to open and use new financial accounts free of charge. And FIAT CURRENCY, CRYPTOCURRENCY and DIGITAL CURRENCY are exchanged one another conveniently.To achieve this goal, we have designed a system that allows everyone around the world to conduct transaction by smart consultations and manage their funds by social connections through a vast array of combined projects. This is to provide a new financial platform for the financially excluded persons in the current financial system by combining the electronic monetary system based on the real economy with the versatility of cryptocurrency. Also, this is to create a new cryptocurrency's financial system by securing the value stability of the cryptocurrency and then overcoming the constraints of the existing financing as the currency of the real financial service.

Aaron Platform has redefined financial services and transformed its financial paradigm from a strictly rated and exclusively centralized system in tradition to a decentralized comprehensive and scalable system.The Aaron Platform proposes a new financial platform that combines stable coin with fluid value coin as a way to overcome the inconvenience caused by blockchain speed and the disadvantage of high variability of cryptocurrency. As stable currency and fluid value currency are structured as multi-block chains, it ensures not only the value stability of real financial services as a currency but also the security and scalability of cryptocurrency.Our multi-block chain method can offset the variability of cryptocurrency through the combination of flexible main block chains, fixed value side block chains and echo block chains applicable to various digital assets. This is supported by using Multi BlockChain technology, which is a combination of MainChain EveryCoin, SideChain TabiPay, and other EcoChains each other.

The Aaron Platform takes the EveryCoin standard and adjusts the EveryCoin deposit amount according to the issued volume(the circulation amount) of TabiPay and other Eco-Chain. In the market, the value changes by the equilibrium price of demand and supply in accordance with EveryCoin's circulation amount's change.EveryCoin used in the Main BlockChain of Aaron Platform guarantees TabiPay like gold. And it is used as a key currency enabling exchange of all FIAT Currency, Cryptocurrency and Digital Currency by Aaron Currency Matching Engine.

The Aaron BlockChain consists of several SideChains attached to one MainChain and it differs from the traditional Single Chain system. It is a "branch ecosystem" that the MainChain acts as the backbone of the system and is connecting multiple SideChains (differentiation into multiple layers). All SideChains of Aaron can be linked to a few sub-chains and then they can be also linked with a role performance of MainChain in one area of the system. Like this, Aaron BlockChain creates branch structures of the system that can be expanded horizontally and vertically.The Aaron MainChain is a block chain operated by the Aaron OS, which is the backbone of the entire system. It is consisted of a SideChain index system, a token system and a DDPOS agreement protocol.The SideChain index system connects all the chains within the Aaron ecosystem.The internal SideChain operated by an Aaron OS contributes to the capital environment of the Aaron system using Aaron tokens.All Aaron SideChains are required to pay a certain amount of EveryCoin to create a healthy ecosystem and to determine if the SideChain is based on the Aaron BlockChain.The amount of payment will be adjusted in consideration of the timing with sufficient time. In addition, the amount of payment will be determined through a community vote to measure reasonable payments.EveryCoin is a token used in the MainChain for side chain-based currency and intelligent exchange. All SideChains can support their own default tokens and will be considered as assets of Aaron.The SideChain can easily issue a contract token. On the Aaron system, you can switch EveryCoin to digital assets, and vice versa is also possible. If the SideChain decides to issue a digital asset, you must pay EveryCoin accordingly. at the same time with creation of the digital asset, the user sets the initial percentage of digital assets and EveryCoin. Aaron's capital pool and digital asset pool are created automatically and the ratios are quoted according to the market price.If the value of a digital asset in the SideChain goes up, Aaron's capital pool will require more EveryCoin to maintain the value increase. The more quality SideChain projects using EveryCoin, the higher the value of EveryCoin naturally.

The Aaron Platform will enable financially excluded persons, who have not received financial services, to receive financial services. Furthermore, it provides cryptocurrency that can use fast & easily and withdraw money anywhere in the world.With Aaron Platform's EveryCoin as the center, TabiPay and numerous Eco-Chains will dynamically move together and create a block-chain ecosystem.Users will use BlockChain at many fields in daily life with Aaron Exchange and Aaron Wallet.The Aaron team is deeply concerned about the problems of the current block-chain world.Block chains for transparency, stability and security have been exposed to hackers, bugs, malicious nodes, etc., As a result, the concept of trust has been weakened and the development of the industry is being disturbed. We have a deep insight into business and block chain technology. We have solved the problems and will do our best to complete our goals.Through EveryCoin, the global common currency, Aaron Platform will create the world that everyone receives convenient financial services anytime and anywhere.

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