Revolutionising the global trade and transportby decentralisation

The CargoCoin platform linksthe physical world of trade and transport withthe blockchain. CargoCoin’sfoundation is based on two main pillars –the first pillar being the online platform allowing for various parties to connect and exchange information on cargoes, their transport needs, as well as supplemental services. The second pillar are the smart contracts: those can be used as just an electronic mean of recording the whole processthrough the CargoCoin token smart contract -from the offer to the delivery, or could additionally be used to facilitate the actual service and cargo payment, being it a direct payment, escrow payment or escrow payment with partial funds release at various stages.CargoCoin tokens are intended to be used a payment method for the services provided by the platform, as well as payment to 3rdparty service providers on the platform.It is designed to attract a wide user base from a multi-billion dollars B2B marketplaceby introducingand implementingsubscription free services.The CargoCoin platform users’interaction in the services sections naturally delivers demand for the platform’s smart utilities. These smart utilities are facilitated through CargoCointokens. The aim of the platform is to bring maximum demand for CargoCoin tokens. Through demand for the tokens the CargoCoin ICO supporters receive added value.

CargoCoin is designed to be a smart contract,crypto currency platform, decentralising global trade and transport. The platform targetis to facilitate and optimisethe interaction amongst traders, freight forwarders, shipping lines, booking agents as well as allother parties involved in the international trade and transport of commodities and cargoes. The platform users experience outlines well-balanced ecosystem based on cutting edge crypto security and frictionless interaction. CargoCoinobjective is to provide a global marketplace environment and utilities for facilitation of trade, transport, exchange of documents and payment options at low cost in real time. The platform architecture is based on the principles of high level of security, transparency, traceability and accountability. It is set up in a way that the participants can take advantage of any part of it alone, or in combination with other sections. It can be used as a very simple platform or as a complex smart contractutility with various payment options. The link between physical trade and transport with online crypto technologies delivers the opportunity for implementation of a large scale project and allows for further expansion. CargoCoin platform options provide infinite possibilities for added value to the usersand the participants. All utilities on the platform operate with CargoCoins. The ultimate aim is boosting demand and facilitating the usage of the tokens. CargoCoinTeam interest is set in line with the interest of the ICO supporters!

The fullscale scope of the project extends to all trade and transport areas i.e. the shipping industry (containers, bulk, break bulk, liquid bulk), inland transportation (trucks, railways), air cargo (transportation by planes, drones, etc.), other types of “new age” transport such as pipeline transport, space cargo, intercity and outer city shared rides. Dedicated platforms for the different types of transport will be interconnected, allowing for infinite functionality. The objective is the creation of synergy between the commodities & cargo traders with all transport means on a global scale. The integration of all participants and utilities delivers unique, FIRST of its kind Ecosystem. CargoCoin is designed to utilise the platforms, both as a secure transfer and storage method by the means of smart contracts, as well as apayment unit forservices, freight and cargoes. The CargoCoin concept fully unleashes the potential of block chain crypto currencies to act, not just as a means of payment and store of value, but also as an interactive way of sending, receiving, approving, rejecting and signing documents through the process. CargoCoin is to be based on the newest ERC223 token standard. I thas major improvements compared to the ERC20 token standard. The ERC 233 allows for more advanced, precise and universal handling of smart contracts, required for the project, while avoiding potential token traps. The issued tokens are designed to fully act as smart contracts programmed in Solidity and available as open source for everyone to review and inspect the code, thus serving all purposes of the project simultaneously. The CargoCoin platform links the physical world of trade and transport to the blockchain.

The CargoCoin business model relies on rapid growth of user base. It is facilitated through the free services platforms. It is estimated that are at least 25 million active users worldwide involved in the trade and transport industries. These include importers, exporters, freight forwarders, shipbrokers,charterers, shipping lines, NVOCCs, ship agents, ship owners, insurance agents, customs agents, private individuals and on.Presently there are few maritime transport platforms that are very limited in terms user base and geographical coverage. Some of them are expensive, others biased, owned by shipping lineswith main purpose of controlling and collecting informationfor the enhancement of their own business. The CargoCoin platform is designed to be independent, secure and transparent, based on block chain technology.Presently there is NO competitorplatformon the market that offers similar services in combination with smart contract Utilities. By offering a FREEalternative platform with no monthly or annual fees, we aimto attract between 750,000 and 1,000,000 active users from the maritime transport community during the first 2 years. This is realistically achievable target to seize a 3% market share through active marketing campaign, while offering freeand efficient services. The marketing will be conducted both off-line and on-line

CargoCoin’sdesignated short symbol: CRGO.A total supply of 100 mln. tokens will be offered at stage 1, each with 18 decimals.The ICO will be broken down in two stages –pre-ICO and an actual ICO. The pre-ICO will run for a very short period of time and will be open to the public for a set period of time. The price of 1 CRGO will be fixed at 0.50 USD during the pre-ICO stage. A total of 10 mln. CRGO tokens will be distributed during the pre-ICO stage. During the pre-ICO, Supporterswill be able to purchase CRGOs at 50% of its regular price. The pre-ICO will run for 15 days –from April, 1st2018 @ 00:00 –April, 15th2018 @ 23:59. The soft cap is estimated to reach USD 5 mil. Following the pre-ICO an ICO will take place and 55 mil. tokens will be distributed each at a price of 1.00 USD. The ICO phase 1 will start on April, 16th2018 @ 00:00 and ICO phase 5 will last not later than December, 31st@ 23:59UTC. The hard cap is estimated to reach USD 55 mil. The total capitalisation of CargoCoin after completing the initial coin offering for stage 1 is estimated to reach USD 60 mil. Since CargoCoin is ERC223 based, tokens will be distributed after the ERC223 standard is officially released on the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts are fully developed and tested, as issuing the tokens is irreversible and further changes to the dApp’s Solidity code cannot be made.

CargoCoin smart platform objectiveis to create a global market placefor trade & transport services supported bysmart contracts &cryptopayment methods. In order to introduce the SMART UTILITIES (smart contracts & payment methods) that createand increase the value of the CargoCoinwe take a reverse but entirely market oriented approach. The Core is a Global marketplace platform (SERVICES) facilitating the supply and demand for transport of all cargo types, including other essential services that are vital for shipping and trading. The use of the free services naturally implements the platform’s SMART UTILITIES. The Marketplace is designed to be FREE for all users. The CargoCoin objective is maximum number of users, participants and enhancement of their interaction. Similar platforms that exist, coveronly fragmented small areasof the CargoCoin services part. All of them are paid, up to USD 250 per month and biased. Those are created either to generate profit or to drag customers and information to its principal owner. (forwarding company or shipping line) The market for trade& transportcargo platforms is non-saturated and has an easy entry. Becoming a market leader is a matter of offering free services in combination with the right marketing mix to promote and reach out potential users. Currently no platform exists on the market that offers full smart contracts abilities and covers all types of transport. CargoCoin is set to create a circle that encapsulates all types of transport and cargoes into a single platform and then connect it to the tradersof goods. This objective will be achieved by the two founding pillars of CargoCoin – the services platform & the smart contracts, utilising Blockchain technology of Ethereum. We believe that the World economy is market driven by the “Invisible Hand”. The “Big players” conform to this fact. In this way they become market takers.This is the reason behind our decision to approach the market from the “small” clients, but potentially tensof millions.


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