Alphateca (ATEC)

Alphateca is the first Global Crypto Market where any user can sell or buy different goods and services anywhere in the world using cryptocurrency. The platform allows you to purchase many items and services in one place.

Trade in goods and services has firmly taken its place in the global network. In 2017, the turnover of the global e-commerce exceeded 1.87 trillion dollars; today you can buy anything here: from a used Ferrari to pug puppies with a good pedigree. But the market transition to the digital space has not, however, spared us a huge amount of commissions, delays, errors and other inconveniences. Fortunately, one of the 21st century's biggest achievement, cryptocurrency, has stepped in to help users out. Despite being relatively new, this financial sector is developing quite fast, and it has already managed to form a completely international community around itself.

Cryptocurrency has gained its popularity due to three basic principles: honesty, transparency and anonymity. Honesty is guaranteed by the blockchain technology, which stores the memory of all network operations; transparency is based on the fact that each user of the network can check any transaction carried out at any time; and anonymity implies a direct interaction of two crypto-wallets, the sender and the recipient, without the need to reveal any personal data

The daily cryptocurrency turnover is more than $20 billion. On the Internet, it is used as a universal means of payment, regardless of the city, country or continent. However, in the real world you can hardly buy a cup of coffee with a croissant with Bitcoin or Ethereum, let alone a cruise or a villa by the sea. Luckily, we make it much easier. We have created Alphateca, a platform for the global e-commerce that uses cryptocurrency. This platform is used by those people who see cryptocurrency as a new reality, although yesterday it seemed too complex and unattainable to them. e-commerce market does not keep up with the progress - the Alphateca platform unites these areas and gives any Internet user the opportunity to buy and sell ordinary goods and services with cryptocurrency all over the world.

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