Allspark Token

On the AllSpark distributed platform, content creators, distributors and consumers are able to complete transations by setting different trading mechanisms freely, to achieve the goal of having a free market mechanism deciding the content value and getting both content creators and distributors financial rewards.

AllSpark will utilize blockchain technology to establish a content and influence pricing mechanism that cannot be settled in the current age of social media.This consists of a distributed content trading market and a distributed content assessment mechanism, which will naturally incentivize the distribution of quality content while serving as a value feedback mechanism in the age of social media.

Thanks to the AllSpark blockchain, both outstanding content creators and distributors are rewarded, and more good content is created through the positive feedback mechanism. We realize the goal by establishing the content-based free trade market and evaluation mechanism.According to the Transaction Cost Theory market, the so-called ‘invisible hand’neglects the cost element in the transaction process, without which ‘adverse selection’and ‘moral hazard’may lead to the failure of the market mechanism. The transaction cost design based on blockchain has proven to be a good solution to the problem. In AllSpark, both for the content-based trade behavior and evaluation behavior, the participants need to pay the service charge and subscription to guarantee the effective operation of the free trading and evaluation mechanism. In the process, AllSpark Token plays an important role.

In the long run, the fully-competitive market mechanism is a sustainable way to pricing. The fundamental philosophy of our trading mechanism is to enable distributors and consumers to select good contents, bring the creators and distributors more benefits, and provide consumers the best content at the lowest cost. Besides, as there are different content consumption patterns and popularity degrees in social media, the single-mode trading mechanism may not satisfy related demands. As such, we have utilized our accumulated experience in this field to make AllSpark support various content trading mechanisms. Through the trading mechanism, the content creators can set the transaction and pricing modes as they and the market wish; the distributors and content consumers are able to define their requirements in the same way. The two parties will then complete the trade by responding to the orders. The content trade will finally form a matchmaking market, bringing about the realization channels and pricing mechanism for the creators and their content.

The AllSpark team has thorough experience in global app distribution. With many years of industry experience and abundant resources, it is possible to conveniently and effectively organize participants to provide various DApps based on the AllSpark chain.We can expect that emerging DApps will include some parts featuringvertical content, for example, DApps geared toward music creation and sharing. Considering our explanation above, Bob can not only share his works on the existing social media platforms but also promote the product through DApp of original music type created on the AllSpark chain. The DAppof advertisement and realization type will combine content creators, distributors and advertisers like Alice, Carol and their advertiser introduced in the above-stated example. Additionally, such DApps dealing with copyright transaction, content search, data analysis, and social Activities, which aims to enrich users’ experiences, are also essential parts of the ecosystem.

The team of AllSpark enjoys dozens of years of operational experience in digital media advertisement. The holding for-profit enterprise of our team is the advertising agent of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Baidu, and Tencent, and we have served over 20,000 clients whose combined annual revenues exceed one billion dollars.The for-profit enterprise held by the teamof AllSpark has launched businesses in self-media operations and advertisement with cooperation with over 90,000 self-media makers since 2015. The team has begun to work together with China’s most influential news aggregation apps, including Jinri Toutiao (220 million MAU), Tencent News (240 million MAU) and Baidu (420 million MAU), providing 7,000 pieces of content per day since 2017. The number of various content creators (individual or team) in cooperation with AllSpark has exceeded 5,000.

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