Lynchpin Token

LYN Token's mission: Making Digital Assets Spendable

The fundamental purpose of LYN token is to solve several pre-eminent issues related to cryptocurrencies, and become a universal utility token that can be used as a medium of exchange globally. Its value lies within the network built around its use, and since no central authority can interfere, itspower lies in the hands of the community. THAT is the reason why LYN token aims to empower its community with crypto and blockchain education. In order to build a strong community, education and knowledge are KEY to build a strong community.

To ensure inflation doesn’t affect the value of LYN token, the team at LYN token has decided from the very beginning of the project to not have bounty campaigns. This in turn ensures LYN token preserves its intrinsic value.

In January 2018, the global cryptocurrency market surpassed USD $700 Billion. And yet, although more than 6 million people use acryptocurrency wallet, cryptocurrencies still do not seem to have adiverse range of commercial or financial use. Despite a large majority of cryptocurrencies with a dollar value pegged against them, the crucial question is: why have we not seen these “currencies” used in day-to-day transactions in the payments and commercial sectors? We believe the main reason for the lack of utility boils down to merchants and companies not accepting cryptocurrencies. Hence, our vision: Integrating cryptocurrency to enhance our daily lives.

We believe that LYN token can address these industry pain points by supporting and building a full-fledged ecosystem that can foster numerous exchange mediums in a world of wide scale adoption of cryptocurrencies. Accordingly, with proper education, the community will be well aware of the crypto landscape. With education, the community will also be able to read markets, spot potential cryptocurrencies as well as distinguish fraudulent crypto.

We’ve partnered with to develop a one-of-a-kind, fully redeemable physical gold assurance for our 2 million tokens currently in circulation. Established in 2010, Pure Gold is one of Singapore’s most trusted suppliers of gold and e-commerce stores that sells valueadded gold and silver medallions and bars. The partnership will help us create a safe haven for LYN token holders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Our decision to partner up came after affirming the importance of asset-backed cryptocurrency. With physical gold, we are able toprovide our project supporters a safety net; at the same time, we leverage the power of one of the world’s most liquid, yet scarce assets to add more value to the LYN token project, thus giving complete peace of mind to our token holders.

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