PointPay Announces Launches and Beta-testing

Blockchain based banking.

PointPay, a UK-regulated blockchain-based banking cryptocurrency platform, has announced the launch and beta-testing by a carefully selected group of experts of its two minimum viable products:

These two products are just a stepping stone to a full-spectrum banking software, trading and holding services to the crypto community.

PointPay has been operating since 2018 and has a team of professionals working on the development of PointPay Crypto Bank with a seamless crypto and fiat integration; PointPay Crypto Exchange with a stacking-based profit sharing model of paying dividends to PXP token holders; PointPay Crypto Wallet with a cutting-edge payment code ID labels along with simplified payment verification technology – Satoshi’s vision.

We are developing a closed-loop ecosystem with a single-time unified registration process for PointPay customers. It allows the seamless use of multiple services within PointPay applications. The Team is following the much anticipated trend of all-in-one solution delivery. The PXP token we released is ERC-20 compliant and intended to become a store of value and gas unit for utilizing all the features of PointPay digital products.” Andrey Svyatov, CEO of PointPay told CoinSchedule.

PointPay’s ecosystem is focused around people who are using banking services on a daily basis, as well as large institutional investors wishing to gain access to such derivative financial instruments as ETFs and futures for crypto as well.

The general approach of the company is quite agile, and mostly PointPay full-stack developers find their inspiration by participating in the highest level blockchain conferences, most recent of which were Consensus in New York and AI & Blockchain Summit in Malta this May.


Company name: PointPay Ltd.
Website: https://pointpay.io/
E-mail: info@pointpay.io
Tel:  +44-2076600707

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