Interview with Angelo Melis, CEO of LWF

ICO Spotlight

Hello Angelo, nice to meet you and thank you for making us part of the birth of your project! What exactly is LWF?

Good morning! It is an honor for me to release an article for your site. When I talk about LWF, I’m talking about a dream, which became an idea and later became a project. LWF (Local World Forwarders) is born with the same principles as Uber: the will to find a solution for the cost of logistics and for the amount of goods of any kind that cannot be dispatched to emerging economies (India, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, etc.). LWF will be a multi-service platform based on a decentralized P2P logistic concept.


Decentralized P2P Logistics? How?

Exactly. Uber created a network of drivers, we want to create a network of Peer to Peer (P2P) shippers and receivers who offers to send all kinds of goods (respecting the laws of each State) to anyone who needs it. Anyone will be able to offer its forwarding service at the price he want. They can choose to be paid with LWF Tokens, Cryptocurrencies or common currencies (USD / EUR). The site will have a small entry as an intermediary from every single transaction that will take place.


Wow, it sounds very interesting. Do you also offer additional services?

Of course, LWF in addition to the P2P Freight Forwarding core service, offers also a P2P parcel handling service for those who cannot receive parcels at home (maybe because of working hours or because the good is a gift for or from someone else etc.). Customers can just go to the forwarderhandler to pick up the parcel or they can get express delivery at home on a preferred time. We also have internal logistics to ensure continuity of service at all times and maximize the corporate profits. We also want to create an APP Mobile in the future, which will make any freight forwarder a possible Express deliverer: a person who will come to you, will take your parcel and will bring it in a short time to the required address (there will be a default KM range). (Yes, we took inspiration from Uber!)


What are the benefits of those who invest in this ICO?

Anyone who invests in the ICO will enjoy dividends that will be distributed pro quota each month to all tokenholders. To better explain: half of all the revenues that LWF will get, will be redistributed among the tokenholders in Ethereum. So, the company will guarantee 50% of its earnings to investors forever.


What about who doesn’t own the tokens but get paid with USD / Bitcoin?

Our token is an incentive for our platform: it is an ERC20 token, there are just a few functions but they are very clear and public in order to be totally transparent. In order to receive the dividends, you must own the token, if you sell it or decide not to use it, it will clearly be a benefit for those who decide to keep it. In addition to this, those who will keep the Tokens will also have benefits such as discounts on the platform and monthly bonuses that will reward the most forward-looking.


Ok, but can you also guarantee the security of the parcels? What if a “freight forwarder” make just disappear my “brand new expensive computer”, which should have been delivered to Russia?

We really hope it will never happen, but an anti-fraud team will always be at the disposal of users, who will be able to open a dispute as soon as an anomaly is found. The competent department will investigate and, if an offense will be discovered, the customer will be reimbursed for the cost of the shipped item (fully reimbursed if covered by LWF insurance, otherwise only partially). The insurance fund is fed “on its own” thanks to the securities that the shippers give and to small fees collected in the brokering by the platform itself.


It seems you can actually make money and above all it seems safe!

Exactly! “Safe and practical” is our motto. We want to allow anyone to create a fixed entry every month, by offering a service that is currently run by third party companies: they simply take the parcel, hand it over to global freight forwarders and ask for absurd commissions. Why should they get these commissions when another citizen can?


When will the ICO start? What about tokens and cost?

The presale will start on October 23, the ICO will begin on November 10th and will end on December 15th. Presale bonuses will be of course higher. Tokens are 30,000,000, and will be sold at $ 1 / 1 token. Unsold tokens will be destroyed.


Thanks Angelo, something else to say? It was a pleasure.

Yes! You can find us on and on Telegram: Otherwise you can write to or on

Bitcointalk forum:;topicseen#new

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