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First things first: what is an ICO?

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. It's the act of raising funds by selling crypto tokens (also referred to as coins) on a blockchain-powered project. Funds are typically raised in the form of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others.

A great advantage of raising funds via an ICO is that projects end up with not just money, but also a community of people that joined the project and care about it, they consider themselves as having invested in it. Projects that are working on a product that require user adoption, can instantly benefit, as they start with hundreds or sometimes thousands of proponents from the very beginning.

ICOs are here to stay. They enable any visionary entrepreneur to raise money no matter where they are located. It enables projects to start off with a community interested in the project's success. ICOs are open for business 24/7, they are decentralised, they make early investment liquid and they are in principle open to everyone on the planet.

Coinschedule: Finding the best crypto ICOs projects.

Founded in 2016, Coinschedule's mission is to make it easy for users to find the best ICOs to join. We strive to provide useful and transparent information on ICOs, helping users find projects that have a great potential for success.

At the same time, we offer a marketing platform for ICO projects to present themselves to potential users. We have steadily increased the quantity and the quality of the information required from ICO projects and we will continue to do so to help this new industry flourish.

We developed ICOrank, an algorithm that allows us to measure the operational risk of ICOs. Projects needs a minimum ICOrank in order to be accepted for listing on Coinschedule and we use this system to nudge projects into becoming ever more transparent.

The process of joining an ICO.

ICO participants are usually required to send Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to an address controlled by the ICO organisers, where the amount sent determines how much of the new token each participant will get.

Because it is a descentralised market, each ICO can set their rules in different ways. Some ICOs have a cap (maximum amount they can raise), some don't. Some ICOs last for weeks, others just for a few hours. In order to understand how a specific ICO works, the best option is to look for their white paper. Virtually all ICOs will offer a white paper (and we give them extra ICOrank points for linking to it) and in there, they will outline the mechanics of their fund raise, conditions and other relevant information.

Do you your research, learn about this space!

Coinschedule is a tool to help users find the information they are looking for about ICO crowdfundings. Coinschedule is not a financial services company and therefore does not provide investment advice. Users need to use the tools provided to conduct their own research and make their own decisions on what are the most appropriate projects for them.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us at To the moon!

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