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Cryptocurrency Affiliates

Let's get rich together!

Earn easy Bitcoin Passive Income - in four simple steps:

Contact us to reserve your affiliate name.

Link to us using your affiliate name as much as possible.

Profit every time someone uses our site from your link.

Contact us for payout in Bitcoin straight to your wallet!

If someone using your affiliate link trades $400,000 worth of crypto (we've seen trades this big before), you would earn $2000 in Bitcoin from that one trade alone. shares an incomparable fifty percent of our affiliate generated revenue with our partners - the most of any major exchange.
Fifty-fifty. The world's most fair and generous cryptocurrency affiliate program.

No Verification

You never have to show your identity to receive payouts. Complete Anonymity.

No Registration

You don't need to sign-up - Partnership is accountless. Maximum convenience.

No Work

You earn Bitcoin by posting a link - This is the easiest way to make money online!

The affiliate program is your ticket to off-grid financial freedom, in the form of easy Bitcoin Passive Income!
Your affiliate name can contain lowercase letters and numbers, although the latter are not required. Six characters minimum.

Being an affiliate is as simple as linking to with your affiliate name:

You can use your affiliate name in linking to specific coin conversion pairs. Suppose you are writing about Litecoin or have a page about it - or even an app. Then you can link to our BTC-LTC conversion page, so your users can convert to Litecoin from Bitcoin.

If you have a lot of pages about various cryptocurrencies, it may be more useful to your users to link to a specific conversion page for that coin, instead of just linking to the our homepage over and over.

You can also add your own referral code that helps you track which of your own pages the user is coming from.

Our affiliate program is accountless, there is no registration or login needed.

The format is in raw JSON which allows easily building other apps on top of it. (firefox is recommended for viewing JSON)
You can check your all transactions here:

You can check your transactions for the month here:

Many more exciting features are coming soon!


Our terms forbid using the affiliate program for your own trading. This is no different than ad networks which forbid clicking on your own ads.