has been mentioned extensively in the mainstream press, and is listed as an approved exchange by official cryptocurrency organizations:,,,,,, and many others.

Cryptocurrency was created to give internet transactions the convenience of physical cash. was founded to live up to the founding ideals of cryptocurrency, with a strong focus on privacy, helpfulness and ease-of-use.

Bitni means "important/essential" in Slovinian/Hungarian/Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian, and "valiant" in Polish.
Who We Are

Rob Zel

Founder & Software Architect

Has been an elite programmer for over a decade, working on scores of projects in a wide array of fields.
Has developed enterprise web apps, cross-platform desktop apps, and mobile apps with over 1 million users.
Has been working with cryptocurrency since the early 2010s (Was mining Bitcoin on a 7970 when it was only a few dollars).

Some of his many projects can be found on his github page (
One of only 1296 people in the world with a 2 character alphanumeric twitter handle (
He can be reached at his personal email address (

Press Coverage
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Växla enkelt mellan olika kryptovalutor
Swedish online magazine covering freedom topics. We were the main feature of an article about trading cryptocurrency anonymously.
Tools We Use
Geary Email Client
The best desktop email client. Better even than the best web-based mail like gmail. Highly minimalist and functional interface.
Like a Mac program from the Steve Jobs era.

Snowflake SSH Client
Ultimate all-in-one tool replaces PuTTY, SSH terminals, and remote desktops. Everything you need for sysadmin is in this one swiss army knife.
Free and Open Source, cross platform Java, but the design and quality are so good it feels like an expensive paid program.

HostRound Web Host
The highest quality host we've come accross. Fast and reliable private servers. Easy to use control panel. Helpful customer support.